Smart Living in Forest City: Crafting a New Experience for Comfort and Business

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Time :Jun-07, 2024, 15:43

Forest City  is more than just a home; it is a sanctuary of warmth, a companion through seasons, and a beacon of light welcoming you on late returns. In this verdant paradise, the concept of home transcends traditional meanings, illustrated poetically through meticulous property management. Bright Properties Management Services, servicing over 35 projects across

Malaysia, brings its expertise to Forest City, offering five-star, hotel-like property services on this vibrant land.

A homeowner from Ataraxia Park remarks, "It feels like family here, offering a deep sense of security, so I have no worries at all!" As an international new town designed for both living and working, Forest City 's comprehensive management ensures robust security. Services like butlers, auxiliary police on 24-hour duty, and advanced security systems weave a tight safety net. The smart safety data monitoring system, dubbed the city's "Guardian Eye," vigilantly protects every corner, ensuring residents' peace and comfort. Innovations like facial recognition access and fingerprint-controlled elevators enhance security, providing residents a carefree lifestyle within the Special Financial Zone.

Beyond ensuring safety, the property team is committed to creating a convenient and comfortable living experience. In the realm of smart operations, Forest City  is developing a full management cycle that integrates IoT sensing, data integration, advanced analytics, and application, aiming to enhance urban digital management efficiency. The island has established multi-layered security including boundaries, interiors, buildings, and homes. Services such as airport shuttles, insurance and road tax renewals, community car emergency handling, transport and moving bookings, and bill payment services simplify daily life. The "One Kilometer Electric Cart Service" seamlessly connects homes to bus stations, making commuting delightful.

"In Forest City , I've found a sense of home," says a Singaporean resident from Starview Bay, echoing many homeowners' sentiments. In 2023, Forest City hosted nearly 30 homeowner events, emphasizing a people-centric approach. Dedicated building managers equipped with digital tools provide heartfelt concierge services—from airing out homes to airport shuttles and from insurance renewals to caring for the elderly—every service is thoroughly considered. The cultural diversity here, with language courses in Malay, English, and Chinese, helps residents from varied backgrounds communicate and contribute to Forest City's unique cultural allure.

Here, amidst lush greenery, security and comfort coalesce seamlessly. As Forest City continues to grow, it is poised to attract more talent and businesses, weaving a splendid narrative of urban-rural integration. Let us join hands in Forest City, under the watchful eyes of the green canopy, to forge a brighter future together.

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